How to Match the Corporate Award to Your Office

Have you ever participated in an event, taken months to prepare, and walked away with a mere pat on the back? While the satisfaction of completing a task might be all the praise someone needs, many employees expect their company to go above and beyond in their recognition efforts.

Choosing the right corporate award for your office’s needs isn’t an easy task. You want to give your employees an award that matches an employee’s efforts and contributions to your business. It should also illustrate your appreciation. Not only should a corporate award clearly offer the appropriate message, but it should match the look and feel of your business culture.

If all of these requirements are overwhelming, then you are not alone. Many bosses struggle to find the perfect fit for their corporate award needs. That’s why the McGee’s Stamp and Trophy team have provided a list of guidelines that you should follow when selecting a corporate award for your office.

Follow these tips next time you need to recognize your employees, and you will know you did your job right.


1. Outline the Purpose of an Incentive Program

If you are setting up an employee incentive program for your corporate award, you need to understand its purpose. Do you want to boost sales? Are you trying to improve your company culture or benefit your employees’ lifestyles? Perhaps you are trying to accelerate leadership in your business. By defining the purpose of an incentive program, you are better equipped to find the appropriate awards to gift those who meet the program’s requirements.

2. Involve Your Employees

Matching the corporate award to your office’s needs takes skill. One of these skills is asking for input from those who will receive the award. You can ask a few employees their thoughts on an appropriate corporate award or use an employee survey. Use questions that prioritize the criteria recipients must meet. It is also important to stress the meaning behind the award so that the employees understand its importance

3. Discover Meaning

Employees need to know the purpose and meaning of the award and recognize how important it would be to receive it. It would be best if you took your time explaining the importance and lead by example. If you take the incentive program or recognition award seriously, then your employees will as well. Dig deep and show your employees why the award matters.

4. Focus on Presentation

It is also essential that you select a corporate award that incorporates all of the meaning and importance you have put behind the program. Nothing would be a bigger let down then presenting the winners with an unattractive award that didn’t fit the standards your company has already set. As you explore awards, find one that will work well with your program or what the award stands for, whether it is a tangible gift, plaque, trophy, or custom award. Evaluate the awards you are choosing between and choose one that would excite your employees the most.

5. Opt for Quality

Stick with corporate awards from reputable brands that use the highest quality of materials. Whether the awards are trophies, corporate plaque, personalized items, electronics, experiences, charitable donations, or gift cards, always use the best of the best! Not only will this provide more incentive for all future programs, but show your employees that they deserve quality—no matter the price.

6. Make It Custom

Forget the generic awards that come in a box. Your employees should receive a corporate award that includes a personal touch. No need to stay with the tried and true award selections. Use some creativity and collaborate with an award specialist that provides business with custom corporate awards.

Working with McGee’s, you can create a custom corporate award that includes your brand’s unique design and logo. The process is simple. Send in a picture of your logo, and our specialists will create custom concepts that emphasize your brand’s innovative design. Then, together you will finalize the look.

Corporate Awards at McGee’s Stamp and Trophy

Whether you know what you need or are looking for something special, McGee’s Stamp and Trophy’s team is here to help. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect way of showing your employees the appreciation they deserve. Not only do we offer a selection of acrylic awards, but you can also customize our award selection to your exact preference.With us, the possibilities are endless. Trust one of our team members to help you find the perfect corporate award for your incentive program. Contact us to get started!

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