Memorabilia Displays: The Perfect Way to Cherish Memories in Your Home

If you are like most people, then you stock your phone’s camera full of photos, post one or two, and briefly reflect on the experience now and again. But what about the moments that you meant something special to you? Those memories are worth remembering. That’s where memorabilia comes into play.

Whether you have a collection of trophies, sports memorabilia, flags badges, pictures, antique jewelry, or specialized items, a high-quality display is the best way you can showcase some of the best moments of your life. Are you unsure what a high-quality memorabilia display looks like? Perhaps you saw a memorabilia display built for a veteran or servicemen and women that spent time serving their communities.

These displays are also a popular choice for retired police officers to show-off their badges and other important items they collected throughout their years of service. But, memorabilia displays are also an excellent option for anyone who wants a unique way of displaying their favorite memories.

Working with a framing and display case expert is the best way to build a high-quality memorabilia display. Not only will these professionals help you showcase your beautiful memorabilia, but create something that lasts. Designing a display case full of valuables and other memorable items has several benefits.

The team at McGee’s Stamp and Trophy has years of experience helping customers make high-quality memorabilia displays and ornamental plates that highlight all that life is about. Let’s look at each of the reasons you should let our team help you craft a high-quality memorabilia display.


Too often, we collect items, stuff them in storage boxes, and only look at them from time to time. Our favorite memories sit in closed boxes, dark closets, hot attics, or damp basements, decomposing, and, if ever, enjoyed.

However, notice that when you end up taking your memorabilia out of storage, whether it’s to show your kids or reflect on your life, these special items make you smile and keep you talking for hours on end?

Why does the memorabilia that evokes such powerful emotion sit in a box, away from the world? These items (and you) deserve better. What your memorabilia needs are a container that captures their importance and keeps them preserved for years to come. A high-quality display case protects from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light, or something falling on top of them. 


The best solution for getting your memorabilia out for the world to see is high-quality memorabilia displays. You also have a variety of options for creating a display case when you work with a professional. Not only does our team create custom display cases that match your needs, but these cases can hold many items.

These display cases can hold several things, including:
• Hats
• Clothing Items
• Pictures
• Badges
• Flags
• Awards
• Plaques
• Sports Memorabilia like Jerseys, Sports Balls, and Helmets
• Baseball Cards, Basketball Cards, etc.
• Sports Rosters
• Academic Degrees
• Graduation Caps
• And More!

Along with our custom memorabilia display cases, you can work with our team custom designing ornamental plates and shadow boxes. Each of these display case varieties helps feature memorabilia differently. For example, decorative plates are ideal for art, sculpture, fine gifts, heirlooms, or personal use. Engraved with custom text, ornamental plates can be used for a variety of purposes, including corporate awards, educational purposes, missionary service, and military service.


We all own items we treasure. These particular items bring back good memories, with each piece sharing a different story. However, most of our memorabilia sit in a box in our basement or randomly around the house. High-quality memorabilia display cases, ornamental plates, and shadow boxes help keep your memorabilia neat and organized.

Not only can you collect your memorabilia in an orderly fashion using a high-quality display case, but elegantly, as well. Most of the memorabilia display our team builds for customers fit unique spaces that put their memorabilia on display for everyone to see. Whether you want it hung on your wall, sitting on a shelf in your living room, or displayed on your office, a memorabilia display is the best option for making the important moments in your life even more special.


Treasure the moments that matter the most with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy’s custom display selection. Give your memories the perfect framework by displaying your memorabilia in a custom shadow box or frame. Whether you want to include your sports memorabilia, pieces gathered during your military service, or something unique, let our team help. Together, we can create something extraordinary.

Learn more about our custom-designed memorabilia displays by contacting McGee’s Stamp and Trophy. You can also visit one of our Utah locations and begin crafting your high-quality memorabilia display today.

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